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Fresh, Sungrown Flower

Fresh Sungrown Flower. Year Round.

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Cannabis supply-chain simplified

We have a pretty simple ethos at Ladybug Farms.
Cannabis should be fresh, fairly priced and grown under natural sunlight.
It's our goal to provide the freshest possible flower products at friendly, competitive price points for partners. We believe cannabis should be accessible, sustainably grown and produced by families with love and care so that you and your business can thrive.
We control every step of the cultivation and manufacturing process from seed to sale to guarantee each experience is as wondrous as the last. From our family to yours.

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Scale your brand from seed to sale with Ladybug's full service private label solutions. 

Join the family.

Always whole ground flower, pick your size, strength and infusion. Leave the rolling to us.

It's that easy.

Pick your terpene profile, cannabinoid ratio and ingredient form factor.

Pre-book and have directly delivered to your door. 

on demand menu

Updated weekly and always fresh.

Availability is posted every Friday for Flower and Extracts. Will call or deliveries are scheduled for the following week. 

Allocated partners and subscribers can request to view our upcoming availability and submit pre-books accordingly, sign up to learn more. 

Click the link below to see join the club. 

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Exclusive Genetic Partnerships

For decades now Ladybug Farms has worked with breeders of many crops to help bring genetics to life and refine cultivars for different environments.

Collaborating and selecting the next best cultivar is no small feat and requires months, sometimes years of refinement.

Along with our in-house breeding program we partner with Breeders small and large, well known or unknown to assist in genetic development and distribution services.

Exclusivity and the ability to tell the origin story of genetics should be celebrated and cherished. Help us preserve that ethos and support breeders of all sizes by choosing exclusive genetics for greater story telling.

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