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Private label Partnerships

Always made with fresh, sun-grown flower straight from our greenhouses. We partner with brands and retailers to bring their products to life, you name the form factor, product specifications and forecasted quantities.

We'll ensure you're never off the shelf, always have a clear pipeline of products in production and can focus on your customers and brand as we look to help refine your products. Batch after batch, 52 weeks a year. 

Bulk Ingredients

Since 2008 Ladybug Farms has been supplying flower based products to dispensaries, manufacturers, distributors and brands. Sourcing ingredients for your business should be easy and effortless. Choose your ingredient specifications, desired genetic and chemotype profile, the cadence in which you want your ingredients produced and we'll handle the rest.

Flower of all sizes and specifications, extractable material, fresh frozen flower or any form of extract.

Ladybug Farms and our partners provide a single source option so you can rely on quality and consistency every time. 


Farm Direct Logistics

You can find Ladybug Farms partner products and ingredients across hundreds of store fronts in California. We work with industry leading distributors every week of the year to deliver fresh products. Dependant on the size or scope of your brand or retail  chain, Ladybug's Farm Direct program offers simple, straight forward logistics services for our partners so you have full control of product fulfilment. Choose your desired distribution method and enjoy unmatched distribution economics with Farm Direct or our Partner Distributor Program.


At Ladybug Farms we believe you should have full control and direction of your menu. No one knows your customers like you do. We work to source, grow and develop your genetic menu by partnering with pioneering breeders and running year round production trials. Select your desired genetic families or desired terpene profiles for the upcoming season and we'll work with you on a planting schedule to bring your genetic menu to life. Bringing new and unique genetics and collaborating with breeders small and large will always be at the heart of our business. We'll select for our climate and help you refine your offering. 

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