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At Ladybug, we are driven by a timeless mission to provide our customers with fresh, sun-grown flowers and seeds all year long. As proponents of the seed production, we meticulously control every step of the process, ensuring each one meets the high standards we set for our own production.

Our story began in 1947 with one man's American dream of owning a family floral nursery. Over the past seven decades, that dream has blossomed into a four-generation legacy, cultivating thousands of ornamental crops and producing some of the finest seed and flower in the world.

Nestled along the fertile California coastline, our farms in Watsonville and Half Moon Bay take full advantage of the region's thriving climate. Our state-of-the-art greenhouses enable us to grow flowers and produce seed year-round, ensuring our customers receive fresh products and new genetics every week of the year.

As we've diversified our crop mix over time, our unwavering mission remained the same: to provide our customers with truly fresh, sun-grown products. We believe in delivering joy to all ages and walks of life, whether it's through a vibrant succulent for your kitchen counter, a festive poinsettia for the holidays, or a bag of Blue Dream to help you unwind after a long day.

At Ladybug Farms, we embrace the incredible power of this plant to open minds, alleviate physical and emotional stress, and enrich daily life. We are proud to shepherd this growing industry alongside fellow growers, believing that this remarkable plant should be nurtured under the full sun, with love and care, by families from all backgrounds.

As we break free from the stigma, dogma, and animosity that once plagued this ancient plant, we forge new partnerships with pioneering breeders, innovative brands, thought leaders, and industry-leading laboratories. Together, we are committed to providing safe, clean, and sustainably grown products, striving for true quality, consistency, and trust in California and beyond.

From our family farm directly to you, we warmly invite you to become a part of the Ladybug family.

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