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Our mission here at Ladybug Farms is to provide California with fresh sungrown flower year round. We take pride in our streamlined production process and ability to bring any cannabis brands’ products to life.

What started out as one man's American dream in 1947 of owning a family floral nursery, has blossomed into a tale spanning four generations, thousands of ornamental crops and guided us to producing some of the finest cannabis in the world. 

We've spent the last seven decades growing up and down the California coast line, it's no secret that flowers, fruits and vegetables thrive in this climate and with farms in Watsonville, Half Moon Bay and Hollister we're fortunate to be able to grow flowers, cannabis and vegetables year round in our greenhouses to provide our customers with fresh flowers and Cannabis every day of the year. 

Now over a decade into our journey, starting in Prop 215 and transitioning to Prop 64 our mission is still the same. Provide Californian's with truly fresh, sun-grown cannabis flower. We believe in delivering joy to all ages, whether it's in the form of a succulent that sit's on your kitchen counter, a poinsettia you bring your parents for the holidays, or a bag of Blue Dream to help unwind after you've put the kids down. We've not had to change that Ethos for 75 years.

We believe Cannabis has the incredible ability to open the mind, aid with physical and emotional stress and hope to see people of all walks of life incorporate this incredible plant in and around their daily lives. We're proud to help shepherd in this growing industry alongside fellow growers and believe this plant should be grown under the full sun, with love and care, by multi-generational families, from all backgrounds.


Cannabis of old has been plagued by stigma, dogma and undue animousity for a plant that we've interacted with for thousands of years. Now through partnering with pioneering breeders, innovative brands, thought leaders and industry leading laboratories. We ensure safe, clean and sustainably grown products with an aim to bring true quality, consistency and trust to consuming Cannabis in California and soon beyond in the national and international market. From our family farm, directly to you. 

Welcome to the Family. 

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